Creative Thinking

With many years experience in the arts and television industries combined with NLP methodology, we provide creative thinking programmes.  Our creative catalysts are bespoke and range from one-off brainstorms, coaching creative individuals, providing executive production input and enhancing new media projects. We act as mentor for the process and can provide Creative thinking workshops for groups wanting to kick-start fresh ideas.

Coaching and Mentoring

Using coaching and mentoring skills we work alongside individuals, projects and businesses to assist them in identifying and achieving their goals. We help them to clarify, plan, execute and achieve a road map to their business or life aspirations. We achieve this by:

. working with increased freedom and creativity
. identifying core goals
. clarifying key messages
. presenting and communicating more effectively
. gaining focus
. connecting with an audience
. changing attitudes and preconceptions
. growing the inner confidence of the client


We provide a bespoke workshop process. We work with the client to identify the underlying reason for having a workshop, then package the process in a creative and engaging format, setting out clear objectives and goals for the team.

Our specialities are:

Creative Thinking Workshops

Our successful creative workshops provide fresh thinking and challenging approaches to generate ideas and connect with audiences and customers. We take existing ideas and look at them from new angles.

Presentation Skills Workshops

These are workshops designed for each customer’s specific needs. We take the issues raised and ensure that all attendees are able to take away a tool kit with which to implement their role as communicator in
one-to-one meetings or in large presentations.

Team Focus Workshops

Teams always benefit from coming together with a new catalyst that gives them a joint focus and a renewed energy. Our workshops connect the team’s thoughts, identify the common purpose and the importance of each member’s role. Individuals leave with a sense of ownership and responsibility for their role in the project.

Facilitation Groups

We facilitate groups and meetings providing a clear, neutral focus for projects and teams. We are an objective voice, providing clarity and direction, fast- forwarding the process and fostering accountability among members of the team. Using many years of experience and coaching techniques we draw out the key issues and identify a way forward to reach objectives. Our team building skills ensure that all parties are included and feel part of the result..

Strategy Forums

Strategy Forums are provided through The Strategy Garden for those companies needing to enhance or refine their business objectives..

Presenter Skills

Through The Talent Garden we provide Presenter Skills training. These courses are bespoke for both on-screen talent and those who make public presentations and business pitches.

We work directly with presenters; via broadcasters, producers, agents and pr companies.